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Yourself Desk Calendar and Free 2017 Calendars

I wanted to start the new year with the construction of one of the things we needed most. When the new year comes, your table is filled with giveaways, and they’re all ugly, aren’t they: D So I thought I was more colorful and a fun calendar to motivate you when you look at it. Meanwhile, on my Youtube channel, I organized a small draw to win one of these calendars. Don’t forget to browse the video without missing;)


  • Old table calendar
  • White cardboard
  • Washi tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • marker pen
  • Hole Punch and Scissors
  • You can print on a glossy paper by downloading motivational designs from links.

https://tarzmeselesi.net/baski/motivational1.pdf”> https://tarzmeselesi.net/baski/motivational2.pdf”>

I started the job by plucking the leaves of the old table calendar with a width of 20 cm.

I ‘ve scaled 6cmx9cm motivational designs for the calendar.

Start cutting pieces of the calendar by taking a white cardboard;)
14cm pieces for figures 2.5cmx9cm (right 0-1-2-3 | left 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9)
4.5cmx9cm 12 pcs piece for months
2cmx9xm 7 pieces for days

After removing all the pieces come to the decoration stage. You can take inspiration from my ideas or create your own unique designs. I painted the pieces of acrylic paint with watercolor effect I gave watercolor effect in different colors. While doing this, I chose green, orange tones for summer months, red tones for summer, yellow tones for September and blue tones for winter. I adorned the days and numbers of the week with different washi tapes .

After finishing decorations came to write numbers, days and months. First I go through the marker pen with the best I can with a pencil. I apologize to all of you for handwritten handwriting.

I pierce all the pieces with a hole punch and cut the edges in the form of labels. So my tracks will be more comfortable than the calendar spirals. At the last stage, the line is coming to spiral all the pieces we prepared. I don’t need to go into any more details than I’ve shown all of the stages in detail in the video.

I’ve also had an idea to share the free prints we’ve loved for some time, but I never had the opportunity to add it to the blog. That’s why I wanted to start with the 2017 calendar. You can use this free calendar designs to print on a shiny A4 paper. I prefer to use these calendars by attaching them to the secretary pad as I previously shared in my” table decoration article> . The look on the wall is really aesthetic and stylish.



Download: Myfabulesslife”>


Download: Packmahome”>

cupcake-calendar Download: Thecottagemarket”>


Download: ThisLittleStreet”>


Download: TheCottagemarket”>


Download: LiveLaughRowe”>

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