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Yourself Beach Wedding: Sack Tablecloth and Service

It’s time to tell me that I’m in a busy and busy period. We’re going to sign a new wedding on the 6th of next month. Last year we” made a wedding in olympos> , then this time we started to work for my best friends’ wedding. A beach wedding in Çeşme is waiting for us and we have already started our preliminary work that will make this beautiful environment even more beautiful. I will try to share with you what we do in the next month.

DIY-table-of-01 batt

It was quite easy to act together when the bride and groom became my best friends. We started by determining what we can do first. Our priorities were tablecloths, services and chair decorations . An important detail in the table layout is because it will be a wedding dinner. Our bride Sezen and our son-in-law, Fire, firstly tried to decide on the colors and the general concept and decided not to wonder about the natural colors for the wedding on the beach. The beach’s own color palette was inspiring enough. In order to enrich this natural environment with natural materials, we decided to make tablecloths and services with sack and chair ornaments.

Sack and lace tablecloth making:

It is customary to dress the tables and chairs in the weddings at the weddings. The reason is that the tables and chairs are really ugly enough to disrupt the eye. Since our tables are well suited to teak and beach concept, we decided not to close them completely. We will complete the covers in the middle of the tables with the sea shells that we will spread around the tables and services, now let’s come to the subject of how we do.

Sack Yourself Table Cloth


  • Sack
  • Lace
  • Lace ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Transparent Adhesive

DIY-table-of-07 batt

First, we will cut the squares with an edge of 60 cm for tables of 180 cm in diameter. We cut the bag by marking it. After doing this, you have to remove the edges of the sack. I would advise you to do it outside, at least on the balcony, as this will be a lot of dust.

DIY-table-of-06 batt

In the second stage we will need a piece of lace for the middle of the sack. We chose Alvine for IKEA lace curtains. We need to make squares with 40 cm edges.

DIY-table-of-09 batt

We stick the square lace in the middle of the sacks. You can do this job by sewing, but I preferred the adhesive to be fast and practical. The only detail you should pay attention is that your adhesive is transparent. I got a very good result with Patex’s transparent adhesive. Finally, we complete our service by passing the lace ribbon around the square piece.

DIY-table-of-08 batt

Finally, you can easily iron the tablecloth by making it smooth and solid. The photos I share are straight. Because the sack was very easy to coat, we left the ironing business before the wedding.

Making of sack and lace tablecloth

DIY-table-of-03 batt

American Service in Sacks

After the tablecloths came to the service staff. We thought we would use bamboo american or rope services for services, but we chose to use sacks again. We used the diameter of the plates to be used when determining the service dimensions. Our plates will be 28 cm in diameter and 32 cm in diameter.

American Service in Sacks

First of all, we removed a template with a diameter of 32 cm and received the breath at İnciraltı Kent Ormanı . We cut our services by drawing a sack under the questions of curious looks and erek what are you doing? Est. Because of the need to weave the bags, it is not possible to dismantle the round services very regularly, so it is enough to open the unmounted corners by hand. Our services were delivered to our bride for rest.





Kargiyle Chair Ornament Making:

The chair ornaments were made from a natural material as appropriate to the beach. We’ve tied the ribs sold with weight to the chairs and cut them to the appropriate sizes and tied them with ribbons. We’ll make a final touch with the status flowers on the chairs, but I can only share this with you after the wedding. Yes, without waiting for the ornaments of the chair, sheila was able to choose the most unemployed weak character of the day: P


Of course we did not throw the remaining materials;) At the wedding we will prepare a saz skirt by knotting the increasing crows for the photo corner . We have made a bustier from the coconut shell on top of the skirt. We will continue to prepare for your beach wedding, we will continue to share the new works from here.



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