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Work Table Reducing Workload

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Designed by Artifox, Desk 01 will reduce your workload during the day. Flat and quite practical and this work desk is completely handcrafted. This piece is designed to meet all office needs of a person living in the 21st century. I think it is something that designers and producers of today have forgotten that design should bring clever solutions along with aesthetics. Designs need to be functional, so it shouldn’t be the most important thing to look great. How you feel is more important, both comfortable and functional must be able to give you what you need. This is especially true for the desk. The aesthetics in this regard can only be a plus.

Artifox-wood-working-on-1 tables

We live in a world where creative and modern solutions are necessary. Artifox understands this and comes with an excellent desk design. This desk has a section to charge your phone / tablet so you don’t have to cut cables all over the table and cut them off from your work area. There is also a blackboard available on the right side of the table as a wonderful feature to keep your ideas from coming in instantly. Or The surface of the table has a solid panel that can be written and erased, and your electronic devices such as telephones do not occupy the surface of the table. Our design features areas that don’t require you to run the cables around the table. Without throwing your equipment on the edges, this design gives you a space and an effective work space., Forget about chaos, forget about clutter. Desk 01 is a desk that anyone who wants to increase productivity and be more productive.






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