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What is Scandinavian Style Decoration?

Decorating styles where aesthetic touches are designed in neutral colors, minimalist lines meet modern lines, functionality blends with simplicity, scandinavian decoration styles! So what’s the style of this scandinavian decoration? What is the difference between the other styles, what are the features? Before the retro and vintage movement, which had swept the world of home decoration until a few years ago, there were various trends in our lives such as classical designs. With the end of the retro fashion, Scandinavian furniture styles and home decorations were filled. The reason why this style is so popular is that it is very compatible with today’s home life and home architecture. Small families wandering freely with little things, changing houses when they wanted or people living alone, loved this trend. A plus in a house where they do not know what to put the weddings, thanks to this kind of decoration, but learned to live with a small article. Scandinavian-style decoration was quite popular, it became quite popular, as it adapted to today’s conditions quite well.

The first feature of Scandinavian-style home decoration is that it is in neutral colors. You will not find vibrant red, fuzzy pinks or cool greens in this decoration style. Brightness is essential in houses dominated by intermediate shades of gray, white, black and smoked color. A dark and dimly decorated Scandinavian home decor is almost nonexistent. The aim of this current coming from the countries, where winter is a large part of the year and the daylight is seen once a year, is to use the existing light at maximum. This is the main purpose of covering large windows even with white, gray curtains. The societies, which spent six months of the year at night, did their best to provide a peaceful, spacious environment during their stay. The furniture, which is dominated by white, has a modern style. Besides being comfortable, it is functional. The unnecessary space is not included in Scandinavian style decorations.

You can get different information about the features of this decoration from our Scandinavian-style modern home decor. You can see different design examples of this style in the gallery together with application examples.

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