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What is Evim Sahane, What are the Application Requirements?

The popular decoration program of Kanal D Evim is a program that decorates the houses by evaluating the wishes of the wonderful viewers. The first part of the program, which was prepared by the producer Bülent Kaan, was released in 2012.

Due to intense interest from viewers about the programs started a new trend in home decoration since Turkey has long been among the most watched programs of the screen.

The program, which is published every day on weekdays, is created from the beginning of each room.

Those who want to apply to the program Channel D’s web site to fill the form is enough. How to fill my home form is filled in the form of the filling of the form on the internet application is starting to be considered candidates. While no special requirements are required for your application, the features you specify during your application determine your participation in the program.

Home decoration is completed by taking into account the tragic events, dreams and hopes of the viewers.

Selim YUHAY, the architect of the program, has released the program sun Evim Şahane Şah between 2012 and 2015 for Kanal D. However, architect Selim YUHAY made an agreement with TV8 and started to publish the same format program in September 2016 under the name of Güle Güle Oturun. Then the program went to Teve 2 channel.

The interest in the departments related to home decoration in large shopping centers was reflected in the ratings of the program. Thanks to the program, many audiences have taught how to solve problems in their own homes in simple ways and economically. The program attracted the attention of the audience in general” decoration> and contributed to the change of shopping habits.

In addition to being a decoration program, the program helped the family to decorate the house and gathered great interest from the audience.

Does My Home Want a Great Fee?

My home is a very debatable program on the subject of great wages , but in fact I do not pay any fees to participate in the Evim Wonderful program or to apply.

However, in a statement made by Kanal D in 2015; some fraudsters were asked to charge people by using the name of the program.

Which Cities Did My Home Make?

Program Istanbul, Izmir, as well as major cities such as Ankara will accept applications from every corner of Turkey.

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