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What Happens in Scandinavian Style?

House decorations as well as the architecture of the house carries the traces of culture. In our country, there were one or two storey detached houses in Anatolian home culture. These houses almost had no balconies, because they all had their own garden in front and in the back. The concept of balconies began to take the place of the new houses, the modern man began to break away from all the connection with the outside appeared. We have spent our best times with our loved ones, healthy and comfortable detached houses instead of large narrow and cramped apartments passed. The detached house culture, which has not been left abroad, especially in America and North Europe, continues to be admired. The stylish but simple houses of the Nordic people, especially the Scandinavian countries, take our eyes. Scandinavian-style houses, all of which are overwhelmed by city life, are much easier to access in such distant countries. turkey a few city where we thought it was much distress of the entire population of a country like Ireland can see much more clearly. So what are these scandinavian-style houses called dream houses? What are the features of these houses? What are the cultural building blocks besides the technical characteristics? Is it just an image or a cultural reflection? Now, let’s look at the answers to these questions.

General characteristics of Scandinavian-style houses

There is also an apartment culture in these northern countries which we call Scandinavia. However, there is a lot of free space because of low population and cold climates. As such, everyone is free to make their own home. In general, stone and wood materials are used together in these buildings consisting of two or three storey detached houses. Modern architecture and technical materials are used in a very modern, long-lasting and robust house structures. These houses, which look larger from the outside, have a spacious and heartwarming decoration. If you want to get information about the Scandinavian style of the decoration of the house you can see in our photo gallery facade What” is scandinavian-style d> can browse our articles.

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