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Vintage Breeze in Living Areas

If you want to experience the sweetest traces of the past in your living space, you can create a vintage style. In recent years, the decoration is very popular in vintage style, especially ideal for nostalgia lovers. For example, you can use furniture or accessories from your adults, use laces in your living space, and keep alive the spirit of 1940s in textiles. Classic lampshades, mirrors and paintings are also one of the most important playgrounds of vintage style. You can use old-fashioned carpets or rugs as you build a vintage-style living space. Blue, yellow, orange and red, extremely suitable colors for this style. You can break hard colors with vivid patterns, you can choose lighting elements from a classic style. In addition, creating a vintage style living space can be an advantage in terms of cost. For such a style you can visit the shops selling second hand furniture and accessories.

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