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Various Jewelry Models Made with Brick Technique

tugla teknigi ile yapilan cesitli taki modelleri
various jewelery models made with bricks

Hello jewelry lovers, I will share with you a lot of jewelry models this time not one. I hope you all enjoy.

I made 135 albums of pictures made with beautiful and stylish TU%C4%9ELA” techn which i compiled myself from social sites most of were pinterest. when you review the following picture album will see a lot jewelry models. bracelet models earring necklace ring hallar model and many other>

Those who constantly make jewelry know the brick technique. But for those who do not know, BRIEFING” techniques> , which will help you to solve our site in advance to share with you I will add a BUTTERFLY” necklace ucu made video> . The construction of the jewelry you see here is all made with BRICK” technique> . Once you have solved the brick technique, you can be sure that all of the jewelry you see and see here is easy by looking at the pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, jewelry made with BRICK” technique> requires a little more precision than other jewelry techniques. Sensitivity refers to materials used (especially beads). boncuğu kullanınız. Definitely use 11/0 flat cut miyuki delika beads in brick technique. Then the jewelry you make will be very smooth. You can use it on the rope to use 20 rope or nylon rope provided that you can use it on the rope.

I tried to share everything I learned with TU%C4%9ELA” techn> because I learned it all by myself. If I’m missing, I take refuge. You can share with me in the comments section below where you don’t understand. I will answer your questions as soon as I can.

I want to make it easy for friends already want to say, and jewelry pictures I share. Click on the picture you like to see your jewelry model more clearly ..

Materials to be used in these models

  • 11/0 straight cut miyuki delika beads
  • Noylan rope or 20 rope
  • Beads
  • What clip you’re going to make her clip. (Like earring clip)


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