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Upcycling       Pen holder made of cardboard rolls

You still have old cardboard rolls lying around at home? Then she paints colorful and turns them into practical pen holders!

Stiftehalter aus bunten Papprollen

GEOmini / Colourbox

A home for your crayons: “skyscraper cities” made of cardboard rolls

You need these materials:

  • cardboard tubes
  • Rectangle of cardboard
  • scissors
  • brush
  • colour
  • adhesive

This is how cardboard pens become your pencil holders:

  1. Cuts long cardboard rolls in different sizes.
  2. Paint the cardboard rolls colorful and with many small windows.
  3. Then paint the meadows and streets on the cardboard rectangle.
  4. Stick the painted rolls on the rectangle – the skyscraper city is ready for your pencils!

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