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Turn Your Negative Sentences To Your Child

Especially for young children, their parents are like a god. They accept everything that comes from them as they are and do not question. Therefore, we must be selective, attentive and careful in the messages we send them. The negative sentences we use in our children create ups and downs in their emotional world.

The most important factor that determines the personality of a child is the family environment which is considered as the milestone of its development and formation. The more peaceful a child grows in, the more family love, interest and motivation the child grows, the more healthy a spiritual, physical and characteristic development shows. Sometimes, when we ask for the goodness of our children, it would be damaging to them that we are overprotective and intrusive. The language we use for our children is also very important. The more positive a language we use, the better we do to our children.

Pay attention to these words

Parents with extreme perfection always want their children to do better, always want to be successful. This causes pressure and stress in children. The child stops trying to prove himself to his parents and to be proud of them. This will make the child tired. Why didn’t you get a better note, why you didn’t do any better, instead of negative sentences like why you’re so clumsy, I believe you can do it, I’m aware of your power, you can actually make them feel more valuable by using softer words like you can do much better than that.

Compare the comparison

One thing that upsets a child is that he is constantly compared to others. A comparison and comparison of why you’re not like your child’s sister, like your sister / brother / sister, develops a sense of deficiency in the child. The child starts to feel that he is superior to himself and he feels insufficient. Remember that every child is special and has different abilities, personality, character and skills. It is also an indication of the importance that you give to use sentences that support your children rather than expecting more.

You stop, I do ım

You gave your child a task, but he couldn’t handle it. What’s your first step? Many parents, unfortunately, exhibit the approach “You can’t do it, let me do it.” But why is the “Let’s do it together” approach so hard? In terms of the responsibilities you give him, he will teach your child the job and help you spend time with him and help you approach him more positively and prevent him from moving away from you.

Turn the negative into positive

Would you like to close all these negative sentences and approaches and open a clean page with a positive gift for him? With Pakolino 4 age activity boxes, you can strengthen communication with your child, explore together, improve their skills, make a great contribution to pre-school education and color their imagination.

4 year old activity boxes, other Pakolino monthly activity boxes, such as monthly content with different themes strengthen your child’s world. With the memberships you will make from month to month, the 4-year activity boxes approved by the pedagogue, you will ensure positive continuity in the development of your children as well as the memories you have created with them, even after years.

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