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Türkan Şoray Kipriği Pendant Making

turkan soray kiprigi kolye yapimi

Türkan Şoray Kipriği Pendant Making

I think it is one of the models that many jewelry designers do or want to do. I wanted to do a lot, but unfortunately I couldn’t do if I had already shared the video with you. But I thought you’d want to do it, revise the template and share it with you. Hopefully it benefits your business. nda olduğu gibi tak%C4%B1″> ylada gayet rahat çalışabilirsiniz. When you see the template, you can work with the jewelry” templates> just like the jewelry” .>

I can’t say that the color of the beads is the same as in the picture em but if you do it according to your color taste, the model will be much more beautiful. My advice to you is to use pastel color of the pastel color jewelry is more stylish I think. Of course this is my idea

Easy bride

turkan soray kiprigi necklace making

Materials of this model

  • Single color 11/0 sand bead
  • 8 mm pearl beads
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • : ben 60 numara oya ipi kullanıyorum Nylon Rope, Note : I’m using a 60 number needlepoint rope
  • Parrot clip

turkan soray kiprigi kolye yapimi

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