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Tinker       Clamping ring made of cardboard

Because of jammed! Your knickknacks are surrounded with these keepers quite well. Here’s the instructions

Klemmring aus Pappe

Johanna Manke / GEOlino

You can use the clamping ring for very different things

You need:

  • round chewing gum cans
  • colored cardboard
  • adhesive
  • thumbtacks
  • pencil
  • scissors

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Separates the bottom of the cans about three inches above the bottom.
  2. Make a wedge-shaped cut at one point from the top to the bottom – about two inches deep and one inch wide below: this will be the holder.
  3. Now use the bottom of the plastic part as a template and draw a circle all around on the colored paper. Cut out the circle.
  4. Push a thumbtack through the middle of the plastic floor and attach the holder to the wall. The “nick” must point down.
  5. Stick the colored circle on the floor. Let it dry briefly – then you can already stamp, cloths, scissors … in the Ritz clamp.
Klemmring aus Pappe

Johanna Manke / GEOlino

This is what the clamp ring looks like before you paint it

You can find even more holders here:



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