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Kumihimo Wristbands

– zulaltan – June 09, 2016 One of the techniques I learned in 2016 was to make bracelets with kumihimo technique. While I was researching cord making techniques, kumihimo. I started with a simple technique with 8 ropes. Then I found Kumihimo bracelets in various designs made with this technique …

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Wonderful wristbands from paper roll

– mabelle arts – May 13, 2015 I grabbed the paper rolls that I had to do at the end and I let myself flow without designing how they would be. It is easy to make paper wristbands, which you can decorate with every material you have, but you can …

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Heart Model Friendship Wristbands How?

Hello ladies, I’ll share a video of one of your friendship (Friendship) wrists with you today. I hope you will like it. As friendship bracelets, you have seen many models on the internet or at the places where the wristband is sold or in different places, I will try to …

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New Model Handmade Wristbands

New Model Handmade Wristbands The reason I’m writing new model wristbands is that this bracelet never goes out of fashion because it’s pretty handy, like some bracelet models. olarak her geçen gün gelişmekte olan sitemize sizler için en yeni tak%C4%B1″ modelleri> ni eklemeye çalışıyorum umarım işinize yarıyordur. Jewelry” training> as …

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Beads Jewelry Set Making (Wristbands)

Beads Jewelry Set Making (Wristbands) nda sizlere bahsettiğim bilekliğin yapılışı. The construction” of> the bracelet that I mentioned to you in the construction” of> the necklace” of> this model. Those models who share the beads for those who want to make jewelry set. Of course, I say jewelry set, but …

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Jewelry Set Making (Wristbands)

Jewelry Set Making (Wristbands) This bracelet model of the necklace of the construction of the jewelry set I’ve written to you to share with you before we made the necklace yes we do jewelry seti yapmakı bracelet now. I admit I couldn’t match the bead colors of this fine jewelry …

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