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Wristband Making Herringbone Technique Video Showing

bracelet making herringbone technique video showing A model I’ve been wanting to share with you for a long time, I hope you like this bracelet model. paylaşmıştım, sizlerle ama bu teknik düz herringbone tekniğidir. I” have> shared different” jewelry models> with Herringbone” technique> , but this technique is a straight …

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Wristband made of wristband with rope

– NSena – April 14, 2015 When you’re a miniscule in the house, you have to do something practical that will please her. My favorite time, copper wire ran again We need: Waxed rope, colored copper wire and flat end pliers First, we cut two wires of equal length to …

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Wristband Template

Wristband Template When I first saw this model, I liked it very much, I had made the video of it before but I realized that I did not share the site and I will share both the production video and the template. Because some friends are hanging out in the …

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Schemed Expression Wristband Making

Schemed Expression Wristband Making One of the sleek standing wristband models seems to be difficult to build when you first look at the model, but don’t be scared at all. You can do it in three rows as in the template. paylaşıyorum. Because I like the thinner and more useful …

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Easy Wristband Model and Making

Easy Wristband Model and Making A beautiful and handy wristband model with double needle. This bracelet I used to use the colors of the beads you know to like. If you make each other with beads of more appropriate colors, the model of the wristband will appear. Then you will …

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Engraved Prison Wristband Making

wristband Hello jewelry lovers, I’ll share this time with you jewelry model Encrypted Prison Wristband Making Hope you like it and you can easily. The most well-known technique in jewelry making is prison work, once you learn the technique of prison, you can make beautiful jewelry. Of course, not only …

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