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Making Artwork from Waste Paper: Paper Mache

Hi, You probably wondered what kind of an application you are in Paper Mache. In fact, it may not have been thought that the application we call Paper Mache in our primary schools, secondary school children or paper pulp studies. We would do more masks in schools with this work, …

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Tinker       Trays of waste paper

With this technique, you can form very different bowls and bowls – depending on the number of paper strips and depending on how far you move the tracks. For a medium-sized Easter basket you need about 25 stripes, for egg cups seven to eight. For a large bowl, about 100 …

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How to store the waste container?

How is the garbage container stored? The layout of the environment, where we live as long as we need to be clean, neat and clean, is very important. Especially those who have a house with a garden may be uncomfortable with the appearance of garbage containers. Here are suggestions on …

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