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Decoration with Vertical Garden Systems

In line with the changing architectural approach, the plans of our gardens have changed as well as the plan of our houses and continue to change. Apart from the classical garden and flowering systems, vertical garden systems have emerged in different structures which can be used in various areas. Vertical …

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Vertical Garden Ideas With Rain Gutters That You Should Not Miss

Rain gutters are small canals that are in the roofs of the roofs and transfer the rain water to another place. They are made of various materials such as PVC, plastic or aluminum. In addition, the main task of these channels is to protect the roof and drain water, but …

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Vertical Garden Solutions for Narrow Areas

If you don’t have as much space as you want in your garden, you can take advantage of the vertical gardens that are among the most popular concepts of recent years. Thanks to these gardens, you can arrange your desired fruit, flowers and plants to take up much less space. …

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Vertical Flowerpot Making

Vertical flowerpot applications allow you to create great compositions by saving space in your garden. Vertical potted construction is interesting and it is one of the easiest garden” arrangement ideas> . If you’re wondering how the vertical potting watering system is provided, let’s get started. Start by first collecting 5-6 …

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Urbio: Magnet Vertical Gardens for Indoor

Although it is currently in the project phase, a project that is likely to be launched very soon, Urbio allows you to create vertical gardens indoors. With a magnetic system, it is very styled with the appearance of the system consisting of pots that can stick to both walls and …

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