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Upcycling       Make a paper Christmas tree

So you do not need to worry about the many needles under the Christmas tree this year, this Christmas tree is crumpled – made of paper! We’ll show you how to make a Christmas tree Madame Criativa / Main publisher To make a Christmas tree you need: 1 journal Spray …

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Upcycling       Honeycomb made of paper rolls

Do not throw empty toilet paper rolls in the trash, but tinker with it! We have a craft idea for the old roles for you: Make a honeycomb out of it! How that works, we show you in this craft manual. Christophorus Verlag For the honeycomb you need: 5 toilet …

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Upcycling       Lamp from old paper

Waste paper does not have to end up in the bin – that’s way too bad! This can be upcycled many beautiful things. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a lamp out of newspaper. EMF / Frank Neumann This is what the “glowing network” looks like when …

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Upcycling       Pen holder made of cardboard rolls

You still have old cardboard rolls lying around at home? Then she paints colorful and turns them into practical pen holders! GEOmini / Colourbox A home for your crayons: “skyscraper cities” made of cardboard rolls You need these materials: cardboard tubes Rectangle of cardboard scissors brush colour adhesive This is …

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Upcycling       Make robots out of boxes

Old cartons of cardboard and bits of paper come to life again when you make colorful robots out of them. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do it. EMF / Bar Rucci / GEOlino.de You would like to refer back to this guide later and therefore save it …

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Upcycling       Sandals made of paper

This is how a shoe is made: from old newspapers! So that your feet get enough fresh air in the summer, we show you how to make beautiful sandals easily yourself GEOlino Sandals made of paper For the paper sandals you need: 4 large format newspapers adhesive film scissors ruler …

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