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Examples of Turquoise Bathroom Decoration

The bathrooms seem to be a different world than the other parts of the house. As if the other parts of the house is another place, the bathroom of the house is a completely different place from the outside. Is it a harmony in all the room decorations of the …

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Turquoise Sofa Sets

Fashion trends determine the style and color of many things in our daily lives. Therefore the colors change in direct connection with trends. Colors varying according to trends often reflect periods. Some colors, especially used in home decorations, are representative of some periods. For example, there are shades with tile …

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Authentic turquoise necklace

– Neslihantasarm – May 25, 2016 Authentic turquoise necklace model. Jewelry lovers, hobby lovers, hello, first of all I’ve been doing this for a long time. I never had time to write in such an environment, I think it’s going to be good. Anyway, I like jewelry, and I’m a …

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Turquoise Tila mesh bracelet

– gunesyalciner – September 15, 2014 Hello! We are only finishing this week by working on Tila beads. My work in the picture, Miyuki Tila glass beads and dark navy sand beads were made by using mesh knitting technique. The TOHO brand was selected for sand beads. Miyuki Tila Beads …

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