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Walking Paths Made of Self-Leveling Stones

Hello friends. After that, you will find yourself a walkway with these paving stones. Spend some time with us to find the right idea for you and you will be inspired by us. These flooring roads will offer an extra nice view to your garden. An easy walk way for …

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Brighten the Path in Your Dark Garden with Glowing Stones and Pebbles

Nowadays, many people want to save bill, energy and water bills. If you are one of them, try using cheap things like these. It can be a decorative item that use shining stones and pebbles. With this method you will perfect the path in your garden and at the same …

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Photo Grips with Colored Stones

Combining unforgettable moments with a few stones, wire and paints; we’ll make both very stylish and color photo holders. Are you ready? If yes, let’s start! Materials: – Smooth medium stones, – Copper wire, – Pliers, – Acrylic paint, – Fabric glue. STEP 1: Smooth one side of your stones …

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Glamorous Garden Wall Models Made with Stones

Who said that the stone is useless .. tons of stones revealed using wonderful walls, one of the decorative” ideas have> been removed. Inspired by these unique ideas, you can create exquisite works. 1. Stone walls 1. You can use the stones to create beautiful stone walls. And while doing …

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Do-it-Yourself: Making of Pebble Stones

I told you the story of the stones I collected from the beach of Karaburun” lipsos hotel> . It was time to evaluate the stones that I admired while collecting and using some of the decoration. So I decided to try another project I saw on Pinterest aside. Pebble stones …

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