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10 Things to Do After a Child's Sexual Abuse Declaration

1. Accept the child’s statement, believe him. Remind yourself that it is very rare to believe that false disclosures are very rare. Thank you for telling you, tell him you love him. 2. Try to listen calmly, without losing control. When children notice your feelings like sadness, anxiety, anger, they …

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10 Things You Can Do As A Parent In Fighting Sexual Abuse

1. Sexual abuse does not only affect the sexual organs, but also the touches, glances, speeches, likes and appealing forms for the whole body; demanding that you display sexual visuals to touch your own body or someone else’s body. It may be included. Question your approach to sexual abuse. 2. …

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10 Things to Do in 5 Minutes to Prevent Sexual Violence

Sexual violence; it is learned through family, peers and culture, but can also be prevented. Here are 10 things we can do; 1. When your child sees a scene of violence on television, talk about it instead of changing the channel. Encourage him to think critically. 2. Praise a friend …

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