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How should seats be placed in the living room?

With seating ideas in the living room, you can show your room wider, lighter and more spacious. Because the seats that are put in the wrong place, especially those seats, may disrupt the whole air, rather than the larger triple seats. When you enter the room there is something that …

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Decoration Examples with Lila Color Seats

There are some colors in the color palette. It would be more appropriate to describe the tone of these colors as white. It is very difficult to obtain these tones without mixing them with other colors. The lilac color is also one of these pastel, light colors. In this article, …

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Carpet Seats Compatible with Gray Seat

Gray color is considered as a dull color, but it can be very successful in decorations. You can get comfortable and peaceful environments with gray tones in lighter tones and gray carpets in the dark tones you use in your seats in order to achieve very special aesthetic views in …

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