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How to Make Cable Rollers from Toilet Paper Rolls?

Think again before throwing out the rolls of toilet paper, which is something everyone uses. Because these cartons with zero cost to you can serve as a great cable organizer . Considering its height, an old box – for example a shoe box – will become your hidden chest. You …

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Upcycling       Honeycomb made of paper rolls

Do not throw empty toilet paper rolls in the trash, but tinker with it! We have a craft idea for the old roles for you: Make a honeycomb out of it! How that works, we show you in this craft manual. Christophorus Verlag For the honeycomb you need: 5 toilet …

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Upcycling       Pen holder made of cardboard rolls

You still have old cardboard rolls lying around at home? Then she paints colorful and turns them into practical pen holders! GEOmini / Colourbox A home for your crayons: “skyscraper cities” made of cardboard rolls You need these materials: cardboard tubes Rectangle of cardboard scissors brush colour adhesive This is …

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Crafting       Party fun from cliché rolls

Klollen roles may not be missing at any festival. Seriously. Just a few simple steps, and you turn the cardboard into a perfect party accessory. Let’s start with the “role reversal”! Geschenkebox Here is the packaging a present! Gifts and curls can be perfectly hidden in a Klorolle. You need …

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