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Embroidered pulley ring with cross stitch

Greetings, felts and cardboard, away from my mother, I wanted to evaluate the remaining children. Before they became brides, they made beads and scarves with beads and scarves, and they adorned the needlework with beads. I got it from my mom,

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Do it Yourself: How to make lighting with pulley?

Here is the most beautiful self-made” project> we have done so far :)) I have mentioned a while ago in the house had a lighting crisis. I couldn’t find any lighting like I wanted or something I liked. What I can do is end my search for a beautiful fkirle …

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How to Make a Minimalist Flower Hanger with Pulley?

I think the pulley can be the material I love the most. Of course, it has an important effect on it because it is easy to reach, flexible and beautiful. The open-end pulleys that I buy from Kemeralt─▒ collectively cost me 1 TL. Therefore, the total cost of this project …

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Sailor themed wooden pulley brooch

– Tubayazici – August 27, 2018 We can also use small wooden pulleys as a necklace. When it comes to brooches, brooches are always used with stone, decorated and ornamented, usually used by business women. In fact, we can adapt to the present, and we can show our own style. …

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