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How to Print with Iron?

I don’t think it’s too wrong for every day’s clothing for printed clothes because we wear every day, especially printed t-shirts. Did you know that you can do these prints, which are usually fabricated patterns, at home? These techniques, called transfer printing, do not worry about designing T-shirts anymore. Besides, …

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How to Print Photos on Wood?

A unique technology to freeze and save photos. When you look at a picture, you can be longing, happy or sad. For a moment, we can go back to the time the picture was taken. For this reason, the photos we take with our loved ones are always among the …

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How to Print Fabric with Natural Materials?

Summer came, tropical patterns and summer colors swept everywhere. This is the first time in my life I decided to try fabric printing. Faced with hundreds of ideas on Pinterest” i first decided to put pressure on eraser and then press with natural materials under the influence of spring.> I …

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