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Special for the Year: Hats with Pompon

What do you think you can wear on the New Year’s Eve? Materials: – Cartons in any color, – Colorful pompoms, – Acrylic paint, – Yarn, – Glue gun, – Scissors, – Puncher, – Adhesive. STEP 1: Take a mold to fit your child’s head circumference. Cut the cartons in …

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Pompon Preparation Idea with Tulle

There are indispensable parts for decoration, one of which is the pompoms. Besides being used as complementary elements in celebrations and similar environments; Puffs and scarves are also indispensable parts in scarves and scarves. Cheerleaders have a very easy method. We have prepared our gallery to share this method with …

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A Different Pompon Mop Design

If you want to change your home accessories, you can get the inspiration from our galleries. We all know that imagination has no limits. An original idea can lead to different ideas. In this gallery, we will talk about making a very stylish mop. With the use of pom-poms, a …

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Do it Yourself: Wool Pompon Crown

Both simple I thought would look great on a Christmas winter party self” made> I project. I’m going to tell a little later about the use of the pompom crown weft intentionally, but I wanted to look for new year’s Eve, I thought it would be a warm crown. Can …

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Blue pompon necklace

– dozbey – September 15, 2014 I love blue everywhere, in every tone. I thought about what I would do with my puffs, this cute cheerleader necklace. I plan to upgrade later because of some slippage problems, but it was also very useful. For more simplicity, a single row of …

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How to Make a Pompon Mat on Carpet Slip?

arasında neredeyse en fazla tercih edilen kendin yap fikirleri arasında yer aldı. Recently, the construction of a mop on the non-slip mat was among the most preferred self-made ideas among the decorative” items that can be> made at home” .> Cheese, not only because of the budget, as well as …

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