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Pixel Keychain with Hama Beads

The hama bead work I discovered recently was full. I ‘ve always loved pixel art . Which of the 90s would be insensitive to the 8-bit characters that seem to have jumped out of the athletes? That’s the way to make your own pixel characters through these beads. Although it …

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Pixel pixel cute: hama beads

– dozbey – October 28, 2014 Hello. I have recently met hama beads and their colorful, creative world, which most bloggers have tried, and most of them try to connect with land disease h. I’m really sorry to find the opportunity of my other hobbies and try not to try …

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Pixel Shoes, Pixel Chair, Pixel Shop sel

Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga has transformed his shop inspired by Anrealage ‘s season creation into a dream fantasy of pixels. The pixels in the clothes, shoes and accessories continued in the lighting, chairs and carpets. A very inspiring venue.

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