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Fayanstan Picture Glass Making

There have been tiles that have increased from the decoration” renovations in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. unless they are evaluated will remain idle even after a while be discarded. whereas yourself> from the tiles left to rot in a corner with the philosophy of the wonderful” handmade gifts> …

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Tinker       Window picture made of paper

Why wait until ice, frost and snow enchant the windows? Just conjure yourself! We can show her a Christmas window picture, we show you here You need these craft materials: BLV publishing house Solid translucent paper pencil Little scissors Tape measure or folding rule cutter cutting mat Transparent double sided …

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Ring Making Picture Narration

Ring Making Picture Narration A pretty fashionable and polite ring model as seen in the sky, I do not think that I can do it, of course, you can do just sitting to work, maybe you’ve just started to make jewelry, you may have difficulty doing it, but I’m sure …

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Picture of Beads

Picture of Beads A model that the jewelery designers have always done and did not stop doing is to make the ball. I recommend you to learn this model. Because you can do a lot from this ball construction. , K%C3%BCpe” benim akl gelipte sayamad bunlar gibi bir yerde kullanabilirsiniz.> …

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