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Made old again       Antique photos

Granted: With these “fakes” you would probably fly up immediately. At home on the shelf, they still do a lot. How do you make your photos look old? We show you here! Solvejg Hoffmann for GEOlino.de With these tricks you can make your photos look antique! You need: 1 photo …

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How to Print Photos on Wood?

A unique technology to freeze and save photos. When you look at a picture, you can be longing, happy or sad. For a moment, we can go back to the time the picture was taken. For this reason, the photos we take with our loved ones are always among the …

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Funny Pillows Made From Your Photos

PillowMob , which gives a real meaning to the pillow war, prepares pillows from the photos. The examples on the site are as funny as they are interesting. The pillows which are very suitable for those who want to give a new dimension to the decoration concept with the cushions …

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