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Christmas Special: Paper Folding Game

When the theme of the month was “Good Wishes”, we made a new wish for each game and we created wonderful games for Christmas. It’s easy to find a great game for your child when it’s a new year’s eve! Moreover, your child with this game, you can benefit from …

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Paper Engraving

Imagine a heart that spreads love with each piece. Just like a child’s heart … ūüôā And while doing so, you can learn something new and experience paper-carving together. Materials: – A4-colored thick paper, – a thin cardboard; bright and pale pink, gold or blue colors, – Mint green, lilac …

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Wonderful wristbands from paper roll

– mabelle arts – May 13, 2015 I grabbed the paper rolls that I had to do at the end and I let myself flow without designing how they would be. It is easy to make paper wristbands, which you can decorate with every material you have, but you can …

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Easter       Easter bunny from toilet paper roll

In this tutorial we show you how to turn a toilet paper roll into an Easter Bunny. Haupt Verlag An Easter bunny, made from a roll of toilet paper You need these craft materials: a toilet paper roll a hard-boiled egg Pencil and felt-tip pen Scissors and glue Acrylics This …

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Tinker ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Pi√Īatas made of paper mache

1 old newspaper 1 balloon 1 piece of cord about 50cm long paste colorful crepe paper colorful clay box glue stick Sweets It’s best to start crafting today. Because the Pi√Īatas are easy to build, but have to dry for a long time. Tip: Depending on what you want to …

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Upcycling       Honeycomb made of paper rolls

Do not throw empty toilet paper rolls in the trash, but tinker with it! We have a craft idea for the old roles for you: Make a honeycomb out of it! How that works, we show you in this craft manual. Christophorus Verlag For the honeycomb you need: 5 toilet …

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