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Expert Opinion: Multiple Intelligence Theory

Howard Gardner argued that intelligence was eight sides, not two. Thus, not only those who succeeded in mathematics and language, but also in music, sports, dance, communication, nature, the ones who showed themselves in the picture and those who knew themselves were clever. In the classical approach, while the intelligence …

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Expert Opinion: Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

According to Piaget, the Swiss scientist who has done very important studies in the field of cognitive development, intelligence is the ability to adapt to the environment. Concepts of learning, intimidation and assimilation by experience with adaptation are also very important for development. Piaget’s work reveals that it can be …

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Expert Opinion: Children's Close Friends Not Their Siblings, Pets

According to a study conducted at Cambridge University, children’s relationship with their pets was found to be more satisfactory than their relationship with their siblings. According to the study, children are better off with their pets than their brothers. This study showed that domestic animals play an important role in …

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Expert Opinion: Children And Games

One of the first concepts that comes to mind when we say children is ince game. Because the game is indispensable in childhood. Babies continue to play the game with the help of their own hands. As they move, the child’s game world develops as they walk. First, babies play …

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