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Moving Home

You bought a new one or you rented a new house. You don’t know what to do about transport . I wonder acquaintances, relatives or do you move from home to home transport company did you work for me you called yourself yl? Whichever method you choose to move home …

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Moving Gathering of Concrete with Colorful Hexagonal Tiles

Catching a moving air in a room can be achieved in many unexpected ways. For example, let’s consider today’s project, a minimalist kitchen design, this residence project prepared by Nook Architecture from Barcelona, ​​Spain. The design of this apartment was designed by combining spartan air with industrial ability, a design …

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Moving Magic Fish

Welcome summer, welcome colorful wiggling fishes … Pakolino explores both the sea and sea creatures in July with the “Life at Sea” box. If we are exploring the sea and sea creatures, let’s do the moving and colorful fish together. Materials: – Color paper in A4 size, – Scissors, – …

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Moving Skeleton Hand

Moving … Skeleton … Hand … Sounds a little interesting, doesn’t it? Do you wonder how our joints work, how our movements are formed? In that case; Come on, let’s make skeleton hand moving together. Materials: – Pipettes with or without pattern, – Scissors, – Adhesive, – Rope, – Pencil …

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