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Minimalist Living Room Decorating Ideas

It is a simple and detail-free design, far away from the flamboyant, with its modern structure. Doesn’t sound great, it’s peaceful, calm and quiet. Minimalist home decorations are precisely their own style, starting from this philosophy. The houses, which are filled with vivid colors, bright details dazzle, and where everyone …

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Minimalist New Year Decoration

It” is customary to make small arrangements that will add color the year> . Build up a tree, bright ornaments and colorful lights at If these choices are too gaudy for you, we have other suggestions. These suggestions are for the minimalists who want to move the Christmas spirit back …

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How to Make a Minimalist Flower Hanger with Pulley?

I think the pulley can be the material I love the most. Of course, it has an important effect on it because it is easy to reach, flexible and beautiful. The open-end pulleys that I buy from Kemeraltı collectively cost me 1 TL. Therefore, the total cost of this project …

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Minimalist Ideas for Kids Room Decoration

Scandinavian decoration has been making itself felt in the children’s rooms for some time. So much so that when I saw that I wouldn’t be more indifferent to the designs you would like to be a child again and I decided to share with you the examples of decoration I …

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Minimalist Life in a House with Children

It is not difficult for families with children to live in simple and less well-equipped houses. There are families who live in a house with minimalist decoration. This is a matter of a little way of looking at life. In fact, it is a great convenience to live in a …

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