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DIY       Tinker mood traffic light

Traffic lights not only regulate the traffic. With the GEOlino mood light for the room door, you’re telling everyone how you are and whether your visit is welcome GEOlino For a mood traffic light you need: dark green photo box (50 x 35 cm) black photocard (A4) green, yellow and …

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How to Make Garden Light from Plastic Cup?

Normally we should have already settled on the balcony, but this year I couldn’t decide whether or not to warm up. I plan to open the balcony with a Youtube” video but in the meantime i have prepared a simple>project that you can evaluate in the garden and on the …

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Do-it-Yourself: Cardboard-Light Box Letters

I dared a kind of a long time whether to try it” yourself> ‘m in the pride of their project;) is a cabaret lights came back on decorating time. I tried to make these illuminated letters instead of getting ready for me, both in the house, the venue and the …

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Decorative Mirrors Light Your Home!

Decorative mirrors, which are the abandonment of every house, are our first with their appearance and functions. The mirrors that make the house look more bright and more spacious, have a special design. Romantic and nostalgic models that seem to come out of the French palace. But according to your …

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Old Rating: Old Projects Light Bulbs

The old ones came to the light bulbs in our evaluation tours. We are talking about glass bulbs , which we have to say goodbye with the output of economic bulbs. These bulbs, which we do not know when using, have a very elegant appearance. When you replace the old …

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Color Selection and Light in Decoration

Some important points should be considered when choosing colors in decoration. Because regardless of the hue you have chosen, the amount of light of the space can reveal different hues on the color. The light has a tremendous effect on the color selection. If you have noticed that the big …

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