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Lampshade Making

Flannel skirts are very decorative materials with multicolored patterns. Instead of throwing your old skirts, you” can recycle and use it>yourself” . today we will share the recipe for>making lampshades from the old skirt. Please follow the steps to find out how easy lampshade is made. The materials required for …

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Wooden lampshade construction

Decorative lampshades are a decoration that is very effective in changing ambiance and creating ambience when used correctly. Wooden lampshades are among the most preferred lamp shades because they are made of heat and organic material. Have you ever wondered how these beloved furniture were made? A 35-year-old carpenter and …

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How to make a lampshade from alcohol bottles?

Abajur Dizayn, who makes beautiful lampshades from each other with elegant drink bottles, puts in mind a beautiful idea that everyone can produce at home. Actually, you can do it by purchasing electric parts and lampshade hats, or you can make a small amount of money in an electrician, but …

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