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Making of wristbands from ice cream sticks

We” have been bracelets> many times before. We have used a wide range of materials for handmade wristband work and have achieved simple results and very nice results. The recipe we will share with you today will help you to have a wonderful wooden wristband with the materials you can …

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Bracelet making of toothbrushes

We” are here again with a very simple and beautiful making> recipe for make” yourself> and jewelry design enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at the ingredients for this recipe that you can make wonderful bracelets from toothbrushes. A set of toothbrushes, pliers, pliers, towels, tongs and hot water in various …

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Jeans bracelet making

DIY” as you know very well for a lot of followers no longer roam described>wristband made on the internet. Many people who are jewelry enthusiasts wear handmade bracelets and save the recycling culture, thus saving money and getting unique accessories. Today, we will share with you the outlines of a …

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