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Bracelet Making in Four-sausage Model with Herringbone Technique

bracelet structure in the sausage model with herringbone technique Hello everyone, This time I am sharing the Bracelet Making in the Quadruple Sausage Model with Herringbone Technique , which is loved and admired by jewelry designers. I hope you like to make jewelry or jewelry for beginners to do, as …

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Wristband Making Herringbone Technique Video Showing

bracelet making herringbone technique video showing A model I’ve been wanting to share with you for a long time, I hope you like this bracelet model. paylaşmıştım, sizlerle ama bu teknik düz herringbone tekniğidir. I” have> shared different” jewelry models> with Herringbone” technique> , but this technique is a straight …

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Stylish Bracelet with Herringbone Technique

Hi, my precious readers. I hope you will enjoy the stylish bracelet made with herringbone technique this time. In fact, herringbone is not completely done with herringbone technique. Only small bead is made with herringbone technique. I do not know the name of the construction of the part made with …

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Bracelet Making with Herringbone Technique

Bracelet Making with Herringbone Technique Yes, ladies, although the house is not as much as the jewels of the work can make very nice jewelry. The jewelery designers know very well that the jewelery is usually made by crocheting. If you are new in jewelry making, you will learn it …

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