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Felted Glass Cup Coasters

Low material, “Mini Grocery” best suited to our theme coasters … Materials: – Different color felts, – An apple shaped template, – Scissors, – Yarn. You can make 3 versions of the cup pads: Normal apple, a piece of bite apple, a piece of apple … You better decide which …

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Fayanstan Picture Glass Making

There have been tiles that have increased from the decoration” renovations in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. unless they are evaluated will remain idle even after a while be discarded. whereas yourself> from the tiles left to rot in a corner with the philosophy of the wonderful” handmade gifts> …

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Stylish Glass Floor Models

Ev dekorasyonunda zemin kaplama olarak tonlarca seçenek vardır. Parkeler, betonlar, seramikler, fayanslar ve bir çoğu. Fakat en alışılmadık olanı ve en şıklardan bir tanesi cam zemin kaplamasıdır şüphesiz. Dekorcenneti.com olarak sizler için cam zemin kaplama örneklerini bir araya getirdik. Özellikle dubleks evlerde cam zemin kaplamanın ne kadar şık durduğunu sizlere …

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Do It Yourself: We Made Flower Bottles From Glass Bottles

Eeee summer temperatures are now our new address balconies and gardens. This summer I decided to speed up the projects” of your own> which we took a long break with. I hope this will continue. I was expecting to move into my new home for the flower project I wanted …

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Glass Jars Inspiring Ideas

For those looking for colorful and creative ideas for home decoration, we would like to talk about the beautiful and decorative articles that come up with simple glass jars. Simple glass jars with a little dexterity can be transformed into decorative objects, the bride, let’s examine together .. Glass jars …

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