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Use of Live Flowers in Home Decoration

Accessories that add detail to the details, add color to the colors are of course our flowers! More precisely, our plants. If you want to get full of color color flowers, just get a green wood with every state of energy is gorgeous, the smell is great, the image is …

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Small felt bags with flowers

– pembecamekan – September 28, 2018 I had prepared these tiny bags for the candies that they would collect when I went to my nieces for hospitality. I worked on the double-layer soft soft felt using a white hard thick felt and adding some bead fiber to the stems. I …

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Bathroom Decoration with Plants and Flowers

What would you say to be inspired by plants and flowers while changing the bathroom decoration ? The use of flowers in the bathroom is one of the rising currents. As in the same interior decoration, it is possible to place the plants that can change the air of the …

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Do-it-Yourself: Fringed Spring Flowers

The fringed will open a spring blossom and this flower will be your favorite flower. Because you’re gonna make it your own. Are you ready, let’s start! Materials: – Plastic center dome shaped dome covers, – Glue, – Color pipette, – Colorful krapon papers, – Small styrofoam balls, – Lollipop …

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Black etamin necklace with rococo flowers

– Etaminbutiktakilar – July 10, 2017 My rococo flowering black etamin necklace model is completely handmade. I worked with the rococo technique of brazil embroidery on black etamin fabric using this necklace model. Rococo technique is a kind of brazilian embroidery which is used in flower making. Especially if we …

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Crystal beaded jewelry with magenta and purple flowers

– nihalinruyasi – September 28, 2017 Hello. I have a new dream. I’m here with my design called “Lilac and Purple Flowers Çiçek which I designed with purple, purple and turquoise colored crystal stones. I think you can use it in harmony with your sports outfits, and you can especially …

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