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Experiment with colors

We have a great idea to explain the color theory! We promise not to get dirty 🙂 Necessary materials: Colored Cardboard Yellow, Red and Blue transparencies Double-sided tape Scissors 2 different size circle cap First draw the round around the large container, then place the small-sized container in and draw …

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experiment       The shadow compass

Where there is sun, there is also shadow. That’s good, because he can point the way. The crafting instructions can be found here! Whether by boat on the sea or alone in the forest: Who has a compass, can quickly orientate itself. But on the idea of ​​building such a …

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Do it Yourself: Snow Volcano Experiment

Experience, experiment is one of the most enjoyable things in the world … If it is snowing outside, this time we will do a simple and effective experiment. 🙂 Materials: – Snow, – Plastic bottle or container, – Laundry soda, – Vinegar, – Food coloring. STEP 1: First wait for …

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