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Brazil embroidery embroidered necklace

– Morçiçek – September 27, 2017 Brazil embroidery embroidered necklace is silver plated, antique colors are also available. We process our models first in the pulley and then fix it to the apparatus. I usually prefer Brazilian embroidery with a rococo pattern. The desired model can be studied and the …

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Ribbon embroidery ring and bracelet set

– Ayşegülsart – May 29, 2017 Ribbon embroidery ring and bracelet. Ribbon embroidery is a technique used to decorate products such as prayer rugs, bundles and towel rims, but it is now frequently used in jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets. I chose the colors that matched each other …

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Embroidery brooch model

– Distillible Bakir – November 5, 2016 Embroidery brooch model. Everything I started with a new friend of mine I learned about the love of astronauts and dinosaurs, I wanted to give him a gift. And I’ve seen the brochure you’ve seen, I’ve also put the AstroDinozor brooch. I drew …

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Brazilian embroidery etamin necklace

– Neslihan Yigit – April 11, 2017 An example of a brazilian embroidered etamine necklace . With a bouquet of red roses, you can bring the spring to your clothes, jewelry and hearts. Roses are made with bright red rope. The cross-stitch embroidered necklace is open bronze. Cream, red, white, …

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