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Valentine Special LOVE Dreamcatcher Making

I think I’ve reached the level of expertise on Dreamcatcher . I made a dreamcatcher” from old lace> , made a” special dreamcatcher for the wedding> , not enough dreamcatcher” from the remaining wools> . This is a special design for the upcoming Valentine’s” day> . Love-themed dreamcatcher is specially …

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DIY: How to Make Dreamcatcher with Woolen Ropes?

The best do-it-yourself project is what you do when you consider yourself home. (I’ve just invented it) I had already shared it with” you before dreamcatchers with old laces> . This time, I made a whole new dream trap by evaluating the wool yarns left at home. This is a …

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Dreamcatcher For Wedding

I told you a while ago about the construction of a dreamcatcher with old” laces> . My life-saving dream trap, which was one of your favorite projects , was my life-saving and organizing my friends’ wedding. When deciding on the wedding accessories, I decided to design the dream catcher for …

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Dreamcatcher Making of Old Laces

I thought about how to make a project for Valentine’s” day> and I thought that dream-catchers dreaming in Pinterest for a long time could be a great gift. Do you think a gift that will protect your lover from nightmares is not so meaningful? If you are not interested in …

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