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Expert Opinion: Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

According to Piaget, the Swiss scientist who has done very important studies in the field of cognitive development, intelligence is the ability to adapt to the environment. Concepts of learning, intimidation and assimilation by experience with adaptation are also very important for development. Piaget’s work reveals that it can be …

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Mental Development of Children

Children Growing in Activities Young children are extremely curious. They learn everything from new toys to everything. Children between the ages of 3 to 7 notice their creativity with activities to develop 7 development areas. Toys that are completely ready don’t give her anything. But the activities that contribute to …

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Social and Emotional Development of Children

We can describe socio-emotional development as being aware of the emotions of the child, knowing himself, increasing his / her control over the emotions by knowing how he will behave and adapting to the society in which he lives. It is very important for the child to have a basic …

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Activities in Child Development

Children in the age of 3-7 years are very curious about everything. They try to make sense of the objects around them by asking questions. Therefore, the development of children in various aspects should be supported by child activities. Especially for ages 3, activities are an important start. Following events …

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