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Crocheted Beaded Bracelet Making

tig isi beaded bracelet structure Contrary to the other needle-made jewelry models, I share with you the crocheted handmade crochet bracelet . I think the difference is a wristband model that will appeal to the jewelry model. It is made with crochet rather than needle, making the wristband model different. …

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Combed rope crocheted bracelet making

– yildiz111 – March 03, 2016 I saw chain bracelets on Pinterest, before I did the normal rope, it was so nice I tried the combed rope in my hand. Materials combed rope button necklace Wherever you want your lap around the wrist you pull the chain, by doing rehearsal …

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Beaded crocheted bracelet making

– yildiz111 – March 02, 2016 Handcrafted wristbands in the summer, how beautiful would you like to be? Let’s do one together. Materials wooden beads mercerized thread 3 count crochet First of all we will string our beads with a needle Then we pull 5 chains, pull the bead and …

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