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Freezing Ice Cream

Freeze in summer is indispensable. This time we will make delicious, melting, colorful ice cream balls at home. Requires Mazelemer: White plaster, Styrofoam balls, Cardboard or ready cone, Colored paints, Paintbrush, Colorful pompoms, Adhesive. Depending on the type of plaster you have, mix it with some water and cover the …

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An Aged Style, Cream Color Sofa Decoration

Each style has a color, and each period has its own colors. When these colors are fashionable, they raged and then disappear. Apart from these color tones, there are always tones of colors that appeal to every style, no matter what the color tones are. From the first examples we …

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Shelf Making from Ice Cream Bars

We’ve shared many projects so far to help you make great home” accessories> with your” own build> projects to guide you. için yine malzemeleri ucuz, yapımı kolay bir yöntem paylaşacağız. Today we will share the materials with a cheap, easy-to-construct method for making shelves . It’s worth remembering: handmade shelves …

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Cream-colored bracelet from old shirt

– my coffee – October 21, 2014 I’ve told you how I made bracelets with strips I cut from an old shirt before. I couldn’t help but this time I made a cream color, this time to myself. It’s a pretty sporty bracelet, I’m really fond of it. Oh, by …

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DIY: Homemade Fruit Ice Cream

Savory homemade ice creams from hot summer days! Moreover, in the healthiest way … MATERIALS – The fruits you choose, – Ice cream container, – Ice cream holder stick, – Kitchen hatch. STEP 1: Pick the fruit of your choice, for example, into the kitchen bowl and purée the strawberries. …

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Tinker       The ice cream memory

Make a summery memory game with your own pictures. Maybe the winner of the game can choose a real ice cream afterwards? GEOMINI To make the memory game you need. colorful and white construction paper ice cream sticks 1 sheet of thick white paper scissors pencils adhesive How to make …

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