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Do it Yourself: Colored Pipette Rockets

How about designing your own rockets during the semester break and flying them with straws? We recommend you to experience this wonderful activity that your child will discover about physics and space. Materials: – Color and colorless pipettes, – tape or glue, – Crayons, – Scissors, – Click” to download …

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Photo Grips with Colored Stones

Combining unforgettable moments with a few stones, wire and paints; we’ll make both very stylish and color photo holders. Are you ready? If yes, let’s start! Materials: – Smooth medium stones, – Copper wire, – Pliers, – Acrylic paint, – Fabric glue. STEP 1: Smooth one side of your stones …

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Cream-colored bracelet from old shirt

– my coffee – October 21, 2014 I’ve told you how I made bracelets with strips I cut from an old shirt before. I couldn’t help but this time I made a cream color, this time to myself. It’s a pretty sporty bracelet, I’m really fond of it. Oh, by …

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Wall Decoration with Colored Pencils

The design of the Aurora Display Case is designed to make color pens as desired. You can create colorful wall paintings with a design” that is as elegant the functional alternative. address and details to buy.>

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Vintage Armchairs with Colored Fabrics

The old seats are hidden in the scrumptious fabrics you see in the way of a vintage air layer. It is not known whether they are similar, but the design of the Leftovers is so stylish and colorful that it is easy to keep in mind. This is the page …

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Do-it-Yourself: Colored and Fruity Coasters

Seasonal summer and activities like every summer! Do you want to make fun coasters with tropical fruits? Come on then! MATERIALS – Round, mushroom pads, – Acrylic paints in different colors, – Paintbrush. What is your favorite summer fruit? Maybe you’d like to do it first. Step 1: First step, …

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