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Do It Yourself 4 Different Christmas Ornaments

Making new self-made ideas every year is one of my favorite things. I started this year with Christmas decorations. I made Christmas decorations from 4 different recycling ideas. You can consider them as a tree ornament or as a home decor. Meanwhile, in the last year I shared it-yourself” christmas> …

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Christmas Tree Making

My work on the New Year is full throttle, but I can still add to the blog as a delay. I recently made myself a new Christmas tree and added it to the channel. I like to try a new idea every year because I’m obsessed with alternative Christmas trees. …

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Do-It-Yourself Christmas Workshops

This month we had two different Christmas workshops for Christmas . I would like to briefly talk about these workshops that help us to enter the New Year spirit. First we met with Lansinoh working in Turkey. From the company’s general manager to its workers, we have prepared a handmade” …

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Special for Christmas: Stunning Crowns

Who wouldn’t want to be glowing on New Year’s Eve? ūüôā Brilliant crowns adorned in silver and gold colors, let’s do it together! Materials: – Plastic crowns, – Glossy pubescent bars in gold and silver, – Star template, – Scissors. STEP 1: Use your star template to star your bars. …

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Christmas Special: Paper Folding Game

When the theme of the month was “Good Wishes”, we made a new wish for each game and we created wonderful games for Christmas. It’s easy to find a great game for your child when it’s a new year’s eve! Moreover, your child with this game, you can benefit from …

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Christmas crafts       Cardboard gingerbread mouse

In this Christmas crafting instructions, we explain to you how you can make a gingerbread mouse out of cardboard and paper. frechverlag_TOPP The motif is about 24×13 inches tall You need these materials: Cardstock remnants in gray, red, dark green, brown, medium brown, black, white, skin color, orange and medium …

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