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Koçtaş New Chandelier Models

The chandelier is more than a lighting tool. If the accessory changes its mood when it is worn on the garment, the chandelier among the home” accessories> is what changes the air of the house. You can reach Koçtaş chandelier options from wood to metal, from plastic to stone in …

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How to make a chandelier with test tubes?

The chandelier prepared with the test tubes that we are used to seeing in the laboratories, offers an easy and economical appearance as well as a style. You can make the test tubes more colorful by filling them with liquids of different colors. It is also possible to create a …

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Chandelier Models and Stylish 20 Chandelier Models

One of the complementary products of the chandeliers house is a must. Stylish Chandeliers One of the most important pieces for decorating chandeliers is the design of the room and the house. The chandelier, which will carry out the lighting task of your room or home, should scatter enough light …

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50 Chandelier Design

One of the important highlights in home decoration is the lighting element. There are many interpretations by designers about lighting that strengthens both the ambiance and aesthetics of the rooms. The works of the designers who remove the diffusion lights from a cable or ampoule are admirable! Materials such as …

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