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Do it Yourself: How to Make and Decorate Transparent Phone Cases?

Our common concern is our phones. From the brand to the charge, from the properties to the color of the problem is not enough to choose a case like a case. There is a suitable case on the train, you have the appropriate case, you have the appropriate case for …

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You will be amazed by the new cases of minus wooden cases!

Advantages of our own designs; money and time loss. With the help of the inspiration in this gallery, our new shelves, drawers and even cabinets are the common feature of them. In this design, we aim to make the old wooden crates a new look. Markets and grocery deliveries are …

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Do it Yourself: Summer Patterned Pencil Cases

Whether watermelon or pineapple or peach; thumbs up all summer patterned pencil boxes! Materials: – oval cans for each pencil case you will make, – Colorful handcrafted papers, – Scissors, glue and paint, – Band. STEP 1: Decide which shapes to put your cans first. For example, it can be …

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