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Making of Evil Eye Bead Bracelet with Brick Technique

nugget Hello jewelry lovers, this time I will share with you jewelry model Brick Technique with the Evil Eye Bead Bracelet Making every jewelry is definitely a bracelet model that I think should be done. The bracelet model is so elegant and elegant that it is compatible with the colors …

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Various Jewelry Models Made with Brick Technique

various jewelery models made with bricks Hello jewelry lovers, I will share with you a lot of jewelry models this time not one. I hope you all enjoy. I made 135 albums of pictures made with beautiful and stylish TU%C4%9ELA” techn which i compiled myself from social sites most of …

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Making Butterfly Necklace with Brick Technique

tugla technique Hello, my precious followers, I will share with you this time the Butterfly Necklace Making with Brick Technique . I hope you like jewelry lovers. Friends who make jewelry when they hear the brick technique, especially jewelry beginners to make a little hesitant brick technique is difficult to …

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Miyuki Beads Brick Technique Charms

Hi, you want to make such beautiful stars? So I share the construction of the stars we can use in the necklace, the key chain, the ornaments. I used a fishing line. Let’s get 10 beads first. Geçirdiğmiz …

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Brick Technique Bracelet Making

Brick Technique Bracelet Making You can do it in the evil eye bead model with brick technique or you can make each daisy with individual beads in different colors, if you want, you can make beads with different colors that you see yourself suitable. I often write in my writings …

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10 Ideas Made of Fabulous Lime Brick Blocks

Summer is my favorite season and now you can enjoy it because there is no outside sun. I need to read my book while drinking my coffee in my garden. I did some research on the internet to make my garden a more inviting and relaxing environment. And I found …

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