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Bead knitted necklaces and bracelets

Hi, you want to make such beautiful stars? So I share the construction of the stars we can use in the necklace, the key chain, the ornaments. I used a fishing line. Let’s get 10 beads first. Geçirdiğmiz …

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DIY 5 Rings, 5 Bracelets, 5 Necklaces

In fact, although I was interested in jewelry making, I decided not to give enough space on my channel, blog and blog. I’ve shared” the bohemian necklaces> I’ve done here” before but this time i decided to share the jewelry that could be used by everyone and less material.> My …

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DIY Bracelets & Jewelry Models

If we say that there is no woman who does not like using jewelry, we do not exaggerate. If you are fond of jewelry, but do not want to force your budget by spending a lot of money or if you cannot find jewelery according to your wishes, you can …

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How to Make Bracelets in Team Colors

How to Make Bracelets in Team Colors Hello, ladies. This time, I will share the construction of the team bracelet made with bead weaving technique, I think you will like this model which is very useful in the colors of your team. I want to share with you a new …

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Miyuki bracelets

– tubis.tas.taki – October 31, 2016 Bracelet models of Miyuki beads with brick-stitch technique. I have been writing for about 15 years and published articles, essays and book articles in different organs. In 2010, I published a book titled ız Movements in the body ”which I prepared as a partner …

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Colorful Friendship Bracelets

Here’s a real story of recycling. Some old things can never be thrown into pieces of leather, chains, buttons, pieces of fabric, etc. Our ancestors in vain did not say “hide straw is time to come”. I recently edited my materials below …

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